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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rock Vs rest of genre!!!!

Well this is my first blog!

ROCK Vs Rest of genre

This is blatantly against those die hard rock fans[u better die :p],who consider any music other than rock as shit.
Firstly lemme just give a word of mouth,to those of what rock followers are actually,most o them are post up wannabe's.Just tryin to get some blonde's attention!!
Secondly they think only people listening to rock have testerostrone,[others lack it] what bull shit!!accusin others as mere mortal's.
Agreed to an extent that hard metal does induce to a certain level of trance,but hell!!!
Music as any knowledgible person will tell u is universal barring genre's,language,and place's.Like Rahman say's in World space ad,music is everywhere u just have to keep ur ear's and mind open.
So the next time any one accuses u of being sissy not to listen to rock[any kind],take a print out of this blog and shove up on his ass!!!


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